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BBC Sherlock

Rating: U

Summary: Mycroft's CCTV viewing has changed since Sherlock's death.

"They're saying it's lutramania," Anthea told John, as she handed him Mycroft's medical notes.

"Is that a diagnosis?" John replied, flicking through the file, "or a posh psychiatric way of saying 'there's something wrong but we don't know what'?"

"Some kind of fixation, they think. Mr Holmes' mind has become obsessed by a single idea."

"He was OK at Sherlock's funeral."

"That was before they found the CCTV footage from Barts," Anthea replied. "It was then that he finally seemed to realise that Sherlock was dead. He played the tape repeatedly. Then he started playing it backwards, so Sherlock would rise from the pavement and soar back up to the roof alive."

"Oh shit," John said. "That does sound bad."

"We were desperate to distract Mr Holmes," Anthea went on. "Sid Paget found something from a CCTV feed near Wapping, thought it might soothe him. Mr Holmes watched the clip forty-six times non-stop, and then demanded more footage. Said he had to find out what happened to the otter family, whether they were safe."


"Otters. They've returned to a lot of rivers in England now. Including, apparently, the Thames."

"But why does Mycroft want to watch CCTV footage of otters?" John demanded.

"I asked him that," Anthea replied. "And all he said was that they reminded him of his brother."

Note: This was inspired by a recent episode of the BBC wildlife programme Springwatch which included CCTV footage of urban otters.
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BBC Sherlock

Rating: PG

In a discussion on blooms84's LJ a while ago I mentioned that there was almost no slash for DI Dimmock. That was enough to trigger my plot bunnies...

Sid Paget was brilliant at faces: from one blurry photo he could recognise a terrorist in the midst of a crowded airport lounge. But he was hopeless at remembering names. It didn't help that most people in the Service had more than one. He'd finally worked out that Posh Brunette was called Anthea, for example, and she'd promptly changed it again.

Posh Brunette was Mr Holmes' PA, and though Sid longed for his assignments, he found her intimidating. He was reading her e-mail about the Chinese antiques he'd filmed when she swept in and announced he had to go to Scotland Yard immediately.

"They'll fill you in on the details there."

He looked at the contact's name on the e-mail.

"That's Cute Sergeant, isn't it?" he asked, just to check.

"He's been promoted to Cute Inspector now," she replied smugly.

Sid liked the man. Fancied him a bit, ever since he'd spotted him attending a BFI screening of Vertigo. So when he saw the poster on the wall of the inspector's new office, he couldn't help blurting out: "You like Ray Harryhausen?"

"He did such amazing monsters, didn't he? Much better than the CGI crap. It's Mr Paget, isn't it, from MI5?"

"Yeah. Congratulations on your promotion, DI Dimmock."

The inspector smiled a cute smile. "Please," he said, "call me Brad."
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BBC Sherlock

Rating 12 (implicit slash, angst). Warning: notnice!Anthea

Summary: Anthea gets landed with having to explain a few things to John

Notes: sort of a sequel to Working Practices, but rather sadder. The Tilly Briggs photos were first noted by Warriorbot. Sid Paget appears in Sacrifices and Men on Film.

The whole thing would be easier, Anthea thought, if she didn't dislike Dr Watson.  )

*** Note: this has now been continued. The next part is What's love got to do with it?
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BBC Sherlock

Rating: PG

Note: Sid Paget first appeared in Sacrifices.

Sid Paget believed in truth and beauty. His employers – MI5 – were intermittently interested in truth, but beauty meant nothing to them. They'd praised him for the clarity of his surveillance pictures of Hugo Oberstein and Colonel Valentine Walter meeting. They hadn't cared about the way Walter's left foot tapped out a rhythm as he betrayed his country's secrets.

But Mr Holmes was different, understood about film. So Sid was always happy to do extra jobs – unusual jobs - for him. Whatever they involved.

I need you to film a funeral in Eastbourne. One of the mourners was responsible for the death. I want the tapes to show me whom.

Mr Newstead went on the run in Brazil in 2005. Here are some videos of his grandchildren. Give me a five minute compilation that will have him return voluntarily to Britain.

There's something strange happening in Portmeirion. Find out what and film it. If you need any extra equipment, that can be arranged.

Mr Holmes watched everything and everyone, and he appreciated Sid's work. Best just to accept whatever came, not ask any awkward questions when the posh brunette assistant drifted in with Sid's latest assignment. After all, Sid told himself, there was sure to be a good reason why Mr Holmes needed a detailed video analysis of one particular policeman's backside.


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