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This has been lurking for ages, and I thought I ought to post it at last.

ACD Sherlock/Parade's End

Rating: 12

Diogenes Club, May 1920

My dear Sherlock,

Please excuse me breaking in on your retirement, but I have had a request from my previous Department which seems to require the sort of legwork that has always been more your forte than my own. My friends are interested in re-employing a former government official, but they need to be assured first of his soundness.

Getting down to business: the fellow's name is Christopher Tietjens, once the bright hope of the Department of Imperial Statistics. He left there under a cloud at the start of the War, and after a chequered army career, is now living in your neck of the woods down in Sussex, engaged in the second-hand furniture trade. He's of decent Yorkshire stock, but according to some of the gossip going round, he's a pimp, a wastrel, and possibly even a traitor. I need you to investigate and find out the truth about him. I'm not expecting him to be a saint, but I don't want any more boodlers in the Service. I rely on you to find out the truth about the matter.

your affectionate brother,


PS: By soundness, I mean of course financial and political. Provided Tietjens can keep his mouth shut, I see no need to worry about his current possession of a mistress and bastard.  

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BBC Sherlock

Rating: 12 (violence)

Summary: Someone's bound to get hurt when Sherlock turns up again.

Mycroft sighed. He should have foreseen the consequences, of course. John Watson's "bad days" occupied a substantial section in the files they had on him. Push him too far and a violent streak would emerge.

Sherlock's melodrama had hardly helped. If there was an art to breaking bad news gently, there must surely also be one to breaking good news. Simply turning up alive in your only friend's flat was not recommended. And it had just gone downhill from there. There were first aid techniques for dealing with faints; Sherlock could have Googled them. Splashing alcohol down a man's throat was not a sensible option.

Sherlock had been eager to talk, of course. Gabbling on about how Molly had helped him fake his own death and his adventures in the last three years. No time spent asking what had happened to John. And then the final disaster. He could still hear Sherlock's voice on the tape: I had to confide in Mycroft in order to obtain the money I needed. Sherlock had trusted the brother he was at odds with, but not his only friend.

Mycroft sighed again, and then winced. So now he was banned from the Diogenes Club. Though really, it was most unreasonable to insist that a member must remain silent while he was having his nose broken.

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BBC Sherlock

Rating 12 (implied violence)

Spoilers: for The Reichenbach Fall

Mycroft had to admit that Kitty Riley had a certain rat-like cunning. She could say anything about Sherlock's past, of course, now he was dead, but it had been ingenious to bribe someone to obtain an old school report.  What she'd found was certainly lurid enough for the red tops; no bland generalities from the eccentric masters at their public school.

"Holmes' intelligence is matched only by his obnoxious behaviour" from the maths master; Mr Hall in Classics commenting, "He would do well to remember the need for diplomacy as well as brilliance; crowing over the mistakes of others is hardly fair play." Next came the damning sentence scrawled by a housemaster: "The boy is frankly untrustworthy." And last of all, the headmaster's conclusion: "We feel that your son would be better continuing his schooling elsewhere. There is a curious lack of empathy visible, which has led to certain unfortunate incidents. A consultation with a child psychiatrist might be recommended."

"Not a pretty picture, is it, Ms Riley?" Mycroft said. "Hoping for another front page article, were you?"

Kitty didn't reply.

"A pity you didn't understand the difference between "Holmes major" and "Holmes minor," he went on, as she beat her hands vainly against the walls of the interrogation cell. "And so didn't spot that report didn't refer to my brother."   

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BBC Sherlock

Rating 15 (swearing, violence)

Summary: Mycroft's officially dead. Reactions to this fact vary.

Betaed by the amazing Second Skin.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

It hurt to move. It hurt to breathe. He should just lie here, wherever he was, and never stir again. )
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BBC Sherlock

Rating 15 (swearing, violence)

Summary: Moriarty's lying dead at Barts. Is Mycroft about to join him?

Betaed by the amazing Second Skin.

Part 1, Part 2

The first thing Mycroft remembered after the shot was being on his knees, deafened and shaking and vomiting out his coffee.  )

Part 4

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BBC Sherlock

Rating 15 (swearing, violence)

Summary:  An AU version of The Reichenbach Fall. Mycroft has made a terrible mistake and someone's going to have to pay for it.

Betaed by the amazing Second Skin.

It wasn't the first death threat Mycroft had received. It wasn't even the first death threat he'd received from his brother. )

Part 2
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BBC Sherlock/Cabin Pressure crossover

Rating 12 (implicit mass death)

Spoilers: For Scandal in Belgravia and Ottery St Mary

"You know," the man standing at the airport bar said to Mycroft, "I've flown a plane with a dead body on it before, but it's unusual to have all the passengers deceased before takeoff. One might even call it overkill."

Mycroft scanned him rapidly. Late fifties, divorced several times, currently in a subordinate position on a minor airline, but poise and self-belief still mostly intact. And infinitely corruptible.

"How can I make you realise you've misinterpreted the situation, Mr-?"

"Richardson. Douglas Richardson." Richardson's hand reached for his drink and managed to brush Mycroft's wrist on the way. "What did you have in mind as a memory solvent?" His voice now was low, enticing.

"Something bigger than your normal low-grade criminality. I could use a man who can make the most of his chances." Richardson smiled slowly. "But I need to know first whether I can trust you. Who was the other person with you when you found the corpses?"

"What other person?"

"You're too lazy to wander around peeking into other people's planes. Another man: interested in things around him – he found the bodies. But not very bright and easily led – you're here, not him. Is he a problem?"

"Don't worry about Arthur," Richardson replied. "He's back on Gertie now, carefully checking that we haven't got any rabid otters on board."


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BBC Sherlock

Rating 12 (implicit shady goings-on and violence)

Spoilers: minor for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy

"They don't want a repeat of nineteen seventy-two" -- Mycroft Holmes on the Diogenes Club.

Mycroft didn't know what the big building was or why it was called the Digger-Knees. He just knew it had the best buns he'd tasted in all his five years. On every trip to London, he pestered his parents to be allowed to go back there. Till the day that Father came home with a bloody nose and a swollen lip, and announced:

"Had to resign from the club. Sorry, Mycroft, old chap, no more buns for you when we go to Town."

Mycroft pretended to read his Enid Blyton, secretly listening to Father's quiet, angry explanations to Mummy.

"Lot of argy-bargy there recently about the Troubles and the Reds. Then today a crowd from the Circus turned up." Mycroft's ears pricked up, but the next thing Father said was odd. "Including a new scalphunter: some thug called Ricki Tarr. I don't know why, but halfway through a conversation someone took a swing at him."

"Really, Siger," Mummy said. "And you got involved in this brawl?"

"Seemed a chance to give Bill Haydon a little lesson," Father replied in a flat voice, and Mummy's face went red, and she told Mycroft to go upstairs.

It wasn't till next summer that Mycroft thought to ask Mummy why he and she were no longer getting their special little visits from his Uncle Bill.

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BBC Sherlock

Rating 15 (swearing, preslash)

Spoilers: for The Reichenbach Fall

Betaed by the wonderful Zauzat

Summary: Mycroft's hiding in the Diogenes Club after Sherlock's death, but someone's coming to get him.

Officially, Mycroft's on compassionate leave; unofficially, his superiors are attempting to decide whether he will ever be allowed to work for the civil service again in any position more exalted than tea boy.  )

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BBC Sherlock

Rating 12 (implicit slash)

Spoilers: minor for The Reichenbach Fall

Summary: Mycroft's doing a little preparation for Moriarty's trial.

For Pudupudu who pointed out to me that Ian Hallard (Mark Gatiss' husband) made a brief appearance as a barrister in Fall.

Mycroft considered British justice to be the best in the world, but occasionally it did need a little assistance. The judge presiding over the "trial of the century" was sound and counsel for the prosecution had been warned about Sherlock. Time for a private meeting with another key player.

Daniel Crayhill was unremarkable in appearance: an experienced barrister, but not a stellar name. He looked nervous as he stood in the warehouse facing Mycroft.

"Why did you take Mr Moriarty's case?" Mycroft inquired silkily. "You're hardly going to enhance your reputation losing such a high profile trial."

"Every accused person has the right to have their defence heard."

"And that defence is?"

"None of your business, sir."

An unexpected response. Time for some pressure perhaps.

"It's your lucky day, Mr Crayhill. When you go home you'll find fifty thousand pounds more in your bank account."

"I can't be bribed, sir."

"What if the police found out?"

"Or blackmailed."

"How would you explain the money away, then?"

Crayhill looked at him for a moment and then announced. "Say I moonlight as a rentboy.  I'm not having my professional integrity called into question."

Tougher than he looked, and able to think on his feet. Maybe off them as well. Mycroft wondered if after the trial it might be worth investigating Daniel Crayhill's briefs.

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BBC Sherlock

Rating: U

Spoilers for The Reichenbach Fall

"Why me?" Mycroft demanded, when Sherlock told him his request.

"The joy of redemption, Mycroft," Sherlock replied, mockingly. "After all, you stitched me up with that journalist. You need this, you know, or you won't sleep at night."

"I could have arranged your entire demise, if you'd asked."

"Of course. You specialise in reusing corpses, don't you? But, as you see, I've managed that side myself, with some help from my friends. I'm giving you this minor role in my plan as a favour."

"For which you will expect repayment, naturally."

"Naturally. Dying is easy, staying dead requires more resources. So are you going to do it? Or do I cut you out of the loop entirely?"

"I don't see how we can make this work. John will recognise me."

"You'll be well disguised, and he'll be in shock. Henry Knight's mind created a monstrous hound, because it seemed more plausible than the truth. John won't believe it could be you, so he won't see you."

"I'm frankly not sure I can manage it."

"It's a simple enough task. A twelve-year-old could do it. In fact, I still have the scars from where you did do it to me."

"But I don't have the equipment."

"Oh, Mycroft, really. I'm sure your department's budget can run to buying you a BMX bike."

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BBC Sherlock

Rating: PG (preslash?)

Spoilers: for Hounds of Baskerville.

Inspired by a post by flawedamythyst complaining about the multiple guns turning up in Hounds.

Greg's voice on the phone had the no-nonsense toughness that Mycroft was coming to adore.

"Your operation's still leaky, Mycroft. Sherlock knew I was armed."

"A deduction rather than a leak."

"I wasn't carrying the gun when I met him."

"Sherlock is aware that on occasion, for his own protection, I have his colleagues, friends, carry weapons. Anything rather than letting him near a gun."

"Right. But what about the third pistol? Mr Knight's? Did someone nick that from Baskerville? I hear the security's not much cop."

"No. Even a thief or a black-market arms dealer might think twice about letting an unstable young man like Henry Knight near a handgun. Only one person would think that a good idea." Mycroft waited, wondering if Lestrade would be able to follow his reasoning.

"Oh, you mean Dr Frankland gave it to him? In the hope he might shoot someone and end up in Broadmoor, or kill himself?"

"Exactly," Mycroft replied with pleasure. "Frankland picked up more than sloppy speech habits in the US, it would appear. I thought he might have more of his arsenal still on him, which was why I wanted you armed. I don't approve of guns, but they are sometimes necessary. If left in the capable hands of a man who doesn't secretly long to be James Bond."

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BBC Sherlock

Rating: PG

Spoilers: For Scandal in Belgravia

Summary: Mycroft and Irene have a little chat

"There's nothing here," Mycroft told Irene Adler, six hours after her phone had been unlocked. "So where is the information?"

"When you say nothing-"

"Nothing of security importance. Oh, I see now why the newspapers gave you such mealy-mouthed obituaries, but the intelligence material is all low-level."

"How many spies have a Twitter account? Security matters aren't my field. It's why I needed to call in a specialist to handle my MoD find."


"He knew who to sell to. And Sherlock, of course, knew how to decipher the message. I knew that he wouldn't care about his country, just about showing off."

"But wrong about his family attachments," Mycroft said, smirking. "He gave the unlocked phone to me, not you."

"But I had you fooled," Irene replied. "So now I'll settle for £100,000 and a fake passport."

"Why should I give you anything?"

Irene smiled. "Almost all intelligence is time-sensitive. Yet you were prepared to pay, sight unseen, for a phone that had been out of my hands for six months. What would your masters say about that lapse of judgement? Or your other mistakes concerning your brother? I know one of your superiors to talk to. Well, to scold."

He'd let Sherlock overhear about "Coventry", Mycroft thought guiltily. Now was not the time to call Ms Adler's bluff.

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BBC Sherlock

Spoilers: none for Series 2

To finish the 221B week, a couple of additions to Blooms84's wet!Lestrade festival.

When I became a man (rating PG)

The rare people who got close to the Holmses could easily spot their deprived childhood. Not materially, of course, but there had been little fun allowed to intrude in their parents' calculated plans to propel their sons to the top. Greg knew now that the eight-year-old Mycroft hadn't been allowed the lightsaber he craved, just as John regretted that the prepubescent Sherlock hadn't got the urge to play with guns out of his system.

Tacitly, John and Greg had decided to remedy this, to allow them the treats they'd missed as kids. It had to be kept secret, naturally. Scotland Yard would have laughed at Sherlock reconstructing crime scenes from Lego, though it was no dafter than making a model of the Large Hadron Collider. And Mycroft's failed attempts on a scooter were definitely classified material.

Unfortunately, today's experiment would be harder to hide, Greg thought, as he squelched his way back down Baker Street to work. His soaked shirt stuck to him, as the water from his soggy trousers ran down his shins to pool in his socks. He'd have to claim he'd fallen in the Thames again and get the normal jokes from Donovan and Anderson. But better they believed that than they ever guessed that Mycroft and Sherlock had just discovered the simple delights of the water bomb.

Desert Island Discoveries (Rating 12)

(Note: inspired by Mark Gatiss' appearance on Desert Island Discs)

Mycroft Holmes was the most indispensable man in the country. He received 450,000 Swiss francs a year, remained a subordinate, had no ambitions of any kind, and knew he would receive neither title nor honour. He desired none, of course; though he would rather have liked to appear on Desert Island Discs.

For years he had refined his list of records, just in case Sue Lawley , or now Kirsty Young, should call. He'd pondered how much Mozart was too much, whether Sibelius would suit the tropics, if he could somehow squeeze in one Coward song. The book too was tricky: would Chekhov or Dostoyevsky best suit his mood? But his luxury had always stayed constant – a bath with ample hot water.

It was odd that recently, as he fell asleep each night, he no longer bothered rehearsing his witty insights into his record choices, the delicate, indiscreet anecdotes about his career. Instead, he now found his mind skipping right to the end, to discussing how he would cope on a deserted island. As he cheerily admitted to Kirsty that his ideal tropical paradise was now slightly less solitary, that he planned to find his own Man Friday. That there was now not only hot, fresh water, but a grinning, naked detective inspector in his imaginary cast iron roll top bath.

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Rating 15 (swearing, implicit slash and violence)

Summary: A fancy dress party gets a little too exciting for Mycroft and Lestrade

Someone on the Mystrade Fest prompt post wanted John's "ripping your clothes off" line from The Great Game applied to Mystrade.

This is for my devoted beta Blooms84 who loves wet!Lestrade

Special thanks to my beta for this work: Fengirl

"I will kill you, My," Greg announced, giving me a particular dirty look. "I swear I will kill you for this." )

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BBC Sherlock

Rating 15 (swearing, implicit het and slash)

Spoilers: none for Series 2, possibly for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Betaed by lucoluco

Part 1, Part 2

Summary: How long can Mycroft keep his deceptions up before someone's life gets wrecked?

Mycroft scowled at the text he'd received: )

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BBC Sherlock

Rating 15 (swearing, implicit het and slash)

Spoilers: none for Series 2, possibly for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Betaed by lucoluco

Part 1, Part 3

Summary: Sally Donovan is proving a useful distraction from the Service's real mole. But things are getting a little too personal for Mycroft now.

Mycroft realised the scale of his mistake as he watched the Met's press conference. A junior minister dead, talk of serial suicides, and at the heart of the investigations, was a woman who ever increasing numbers of people believed was crooked. )
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BBC Sherlock

Rating 15 (swearing, implicit het and slash)

Spoilers: none for Series 2, possibly for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Betaed by lucoluco

Summary: A secret operation has gone wrong and Mycroft needs someone to pin the blame on.

Part 2, Part 3

One of the worst aspects of being officially employed by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Mycroft considered, was that not only did he sometimes have to turn up and pretend he worked there, he also had to attend their official functions. )
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BBC Sherlock

Rating 12 (frankly alarming effects of fiction)

Crack metafic. Blooms84 wrote a hilarious fic Beta Call, in which Mrs Hudson writes RPF. She also made the rash comment that if I ever found her writing Merlin/Sherlock crossover, I should call an ambulance. This seemed more appropriate, somehow...

Mycroft sighed. It was fortunate that Greg’s texts were no longer monitored, because this one would doubtless have got the security analysts alarmed: )


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