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BBC Sherlock

Rating: PG

Spoilers for The Reichenbach Fall

"There's a dead man in Addlestone who looks like me," Sherlock told Molly, and she really wasn't sure what a sensible reply to that was.

"Right," she said nervously, and waited for the really alarming bit.

"I need someone to collect him. You've got a car, haven't you? I'm going to fake my own death, so easiest to start with a lookalike corpse."

"OK," she replied, because she had promised she'd help him. "Do you know where this body is? I mean, where in Addlestone?"

"Yes, but Mick, who found it, doesn't have his own transport, and taxis can be funny about these things. But the body's quite fresh, it'll look fine in your passenger seat."

"I see. Can I possibly ask how he died?"

"He was murdered.  Oh, not by me, don't worry. He was an actor, hired by Moriarty to pretend to be me and to carry out an abduction. After which, Moriarty killed him. You'd have thought that was the obvious hazard of taking the role, but actors clearly don't have much common sense."

"I've never seen an actor who looks like you," Molly said.

"The resemblance isn't particularly close, but hair dye and the right clothes hide a lot. He wasn't a well-known figure: I doubt he's any great loss to the profession. His name was Benedict."

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BBC Sherlock

Rating PG (preslash)

Spoilers: none for Series 2

Originally posted at the Sherlock rarepair meme

It was supposed to be Molly in danger, not her, Anthea thought, sitting and watching the sleeping woman. That was why she'd been taken to the safe house: they couldn't leave a kitten like her wandering round the jungle on her own.

"Moriarty posed as her boyfriend and then blew up her morgue for fun," Mycroft had said at the briefing. "Ms Hooper needs protection, but a male bodyguard might alarm her."

"And I won't?"

"The evidence suggests she has very poor gaydar, but be discreet, please."

Anthea had been, of course; three weeks in, Molly had no idea the effect she was having on her. Ridiculous for this to happen, she knew. Anthea was Mycroft Holmes' PA, kept half the British government's secrets. Several very clever women had tried to seduce her over the years. As well as a larger number of very stupid men who apparently didn't understand about lipstick lesbians.

Molly didn't try to seduce Anthea. She just adored her, with an innocent sisterly adoration that seeped quietly through Anthea's armour-plated defences. Made her nostalgic for romantic urges she thought she'd long since overcome.

Impossible to tell Molly the truth now. She'd see it as a trick, another clever plan to manipulate her, Anthea realised. And even a kitten, if you cornered it, could scratch till you bled.

Note: fans of Molly/Anthea should also check out the fics by Saathi1013 and lbmisscharlie

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Happy Christmas to Xitheta

BBC Sherlock

Rating: PG

Prompt: Sherlock/John, last word bridge

Inspired by ACD's The Dying Detective

Sherlock frequently relied on John forgiving him, but it wasn’t working this time.

“I go away and you do this to Molly?” John said in disgust.

“It was for a case!”

“You made her think you were dying.”

“She’s simply incompetent.”

“No, she trusted you, didn’t realise you’d swapped the blood samples.”

“They showed I had a fatal disease, yet she didn’t insist on intensive care.”

“You begged to stay in 221B, so you could die in peace. Asked her to bring Culverton Smith over, so you could ask his advice.”

“And still she wasn’t suspicious. Nor was Smith, so I caught him red-handed. He was, of course, a murderer.”

“You took advantage of Molly, Sherlock.”

“What a quaint turn of phrase.” Why did it stir echoes? John was still glaring at him.

“Sometimes I think you are a sociopath.”

“You know I’m not.” Sherlock’s memory abruptly located the long-forgotten song:

Here am I with all my bridges burned
Just a babe in arms where you’re concerned
So lock the doors and call me yours
Coz you took advantage of me.

He understood that lyric now, the vulnerability love could bring. So maybe...

“If I apologise to Molly-“ he began.

“It’d be a start,” John said.

The first step to re-establishing John’s trust, Sherlock thought. Starting to build a new bridge.

Ella Fitzgerald singing "You Took Advantage of Me


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