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BBC Sherlock

Rating 12 (frankly alarming effects of fiction)

Crack metafic. Blooms84 wrote a hilarious fic Beta Call, in which Mrs Hudson writes RPF. She also made the rash comment that if I ever found her writing Merlin/Sherlock crossover, I should call an ambulance. This seemed more appropriate, somehow...

Mycroft sighed. It was fortunate that Greg’s texts were no longer monitored, because this one would doubtless have got the security analysts alarmed: )
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BBC Sherlock

Rating: 12 (slash, painful writing, plagiarism)

Summary: Sherlock is still attempting to write fanfic about himself, to show us how to do it.

With special thanks to warriorbot for betaing, and to et_cetera55 for allowing Sherlock to critique her fic and then plagarise from it.

Part 1

Fanfic didn't actually need dramatic action, Sherlock told himself when he returned to his writing project next day. )
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BBC Sherlock

Rating:  12 (slash, painful writing)

A number of months ago, the wonderful warriorbot wrote a metafic Going down with this ship, in which John and Sherlock's relationship was consummated as a result of them reading RPF about themselves. The sequel to these events has never been revealed. Until now...

With special thanks to warriorbot for allowing me to do a sequel and betaing this, and to et_cetera55, for reasons that will become apparent...




The terrible thing about the night at the pool is that John nearly got killed. The almost equally terrible thing about that night is that it wasn't Sherlock that saved John, but Mycroft.  )



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