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BBC Sherlock

Rating 15 (explicit slash, swearing)

Summary: If he let this go, that was it, Greg knew. Every hold on Sherlock broken, if he covered this up...

Many thanks to The Small Hobbit for betaing.

Part 1, Part 2

What fouled up a marriage, of course, wasn't always the known unknowns. )

Part 4
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BBC Sherlock

Rating: 12 (het)

Summary: DI Lestrade has a new case. How baffling will it be?

Note: I was re-reading ACD's The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor recently and Inspector Lestrade seemed particularly clueless in that case. I decided to make amends to his modern version.

When Lestrade heard that an American heiress had disappeared during her wedding reception in London, his first thought was a publicity stunt. Once he'd met Lord St. Simon, though, he was pretty certain that Hatty Doran had got cold feet just too late. Easier ways of picking up a title nowadays than marrying a moralising twerp.

He had to have the Serpentine dragged, of course, once they found the wedding dress, even though it was probably a decoy. If you wanted to drown someone in London, everyone knew that you used the Thames. Nothing conclusive in the text message left on Hatty's phone from "FHM". Hatty would surely know all about Flora Millar from the tabloids; unlikely she'd go off to meet St. Simon's former mistress only after she'd married him.

Next stop was tracing where the text had come from: mobile last used in a posh hotel in Northumberland Avenue. Bit more digging and Lestrade was playing a call on Francis H. Moulton. Only surprise was that he was Hatty's first husband, who'd supposedly been killed by guerrillas while mining gold in Colombia.

"Get back to the States as quick as you can," he told the pair, "before I have to arrest you for something. I can hold St. Simon for a few days, tell him Scotland Yard are baffled."

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BBC Sherlock

Rating 15 (explicit het)

Summary: How long can things last this time round between Sarah and John?

Betaed by the wonderful 2ndskin

NOTE: This was written for Prompt 78 of the Sherlockmas Summer Vacay festival: "John/Sarah; When Sherlock's away, John tracks her down hoping for another chance."

Part 1

April 2010

Read more... )
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BBC Sherlock

Rating 15 (explicit het)

Summary: Sarah never falls for the right sort of man.

Betaed by the wonderful 2ndskin

NOTE: This was written for Prompt 78 of the Sherlockmas Summer Vacay festival: "John/Sarah; When Sherlock's away, John tracks her down hoping for another chance."

It's not essential to have read my previous Sherlockmas story Summertime Blues before this, but there is a link between them.

Friday 24th June 2011

Tomorrow is Helen Fitzpatrick's wedding day and Sarah knows it's going to be a disaster. )

Part 2
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BBC Sherlock/ACD Sherlock crossover

Rating 12 (implicit femslash and het)

Spoilers: for A Scandal in Belgravia

Summary: Anthea and Ella do a bit of literary detective work.

A couple of months ago, fengirl88 had a five acts meme asking for writing and Anthea/Ella or Anthea/ACD!Irene. That prompt somehow turned into this.

Many thanks to the Small Hobbit for betaing

"I found something curious on Ms Adler's phone, Anthea," Mycroft announces, and she freezes, wondering if any of her friends might have been involved with Irene. )

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BBC Sherlock

Rating 12 (het)

Spoilers: For Scandal in Belgravia

Summary: Irene knows what Sherlock really needs.

Irene guesses Sherlock's secret as soon as she spots the rumpled sheets in the Karachi hotel room.

"You're an insomniac," she announces. "Explains a lot."

"Does it?" Sherlock says dismissively.

"The pallor, the irritability. Why you stare into the fire for hours on end. You don't dream, so you use other techniques to unfocus your mind. Till you can spot the patterns that your conscious brain can't deduce."

"Sleeping is boring," Sherlock retorts. She smiles and yawns luxuriously, and his jaw twitches as he fights not to follow suit.

"You'd sleep well after sex," she says softly.

"Your solution to every problem," he sneers.

"Don't knock it till you've tried it."

It takes two hours before he's willing to get undressed, but she can be very persistent.

"Think of me as a distraction technique," she tells him. "Occupying just enough of your brain for it to relax." Her mouth and hands are slow, but relentless, trickling sensations into him.

"No hurry," she adds, when his body finally starts to strain after fulfilment, realises the possibilities it had missed. He gasps when he comes and then lies still, his eyes closed to avoid her gaze. Fine by her.  She wakes him up the next morning from a deep sleep, and smiles her most dangerous smile.

"That was fun. Now let's have breakfast."

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BBC Sherlock

Rating 12 (implicit shady goings-on and violence)

Spoilers: minor for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy

"They don't want a repeat of nineteen seventy-two" -- Mycroft Holmes on the Diogenes Club.

Mycroft didn't know what the big building was or why it was called the Digger-Knees. He just knew it had the best buns he'd tasted in all his five years. On every trip to London, he pestered his parents to be allowed to go back there. Till the day that Father came home with a bloody nose and a swollen lip, and announced:

"Had to resign from the club. Sorry, Mycroft, old chap, no more buns for you when we go to Town."

Mycroft pretended to read his Enid Blyton, secretly listening to Father's quiet, angry explanations to Mummy.

"Lot of argy-bargy there recently about the Troubles and the Reds. Then today a crowd from the Circus turned up." Mycroft's ears pricked up, but the next thing Father said was odd. "Including a new scalphunter: some thug called Ricki Tarr. I don't know why, but halfway through a conversation someone took a swing at him."

"Really, Siger," Mummy said. "And you got involved in this brawl?"

"Seemed a chance to give Bill Haydon a little lesson," Father replied in a flat voice, and Mummy's face went red, and she told Mycroft to go upstairs.

It wasn't till next summer that Mycroft thought to ask Mummy why he and she were no longer getting their special little visits from his Uncle Bill.

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BBC Sherlock

Rating: 15 (swearing, slash, femslash, het)

Spoilers: for Scandal in Belgravia.

For Bloom84's Laud Lestrade prompt: Choosing a P.E. teacher over Greg Lestrade? That's just utterly implausible. There must be some really complicated backstory to explain that fantasy plotline. Unless the P.E. teacher is Michael Fassbender--and then I still have my doubts. Please give me a fic that sorts this out.

Note: NFB (Normal For Bridgwater) is an abbreviation allegedly used by medical staff in Somerset for patients with non-specific mental confusion.

Betaed by the wonderful Fengirl88

Greg Lestrade had been happily married for six years. And unhappily married for a further seventeen. Or at least that was the official line. )
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BBC Sherlock

Spoilers: None

Rating 18 (warning for non-graphic references to rape, explicit het sex, swearing, racism)

Betaed by the wonderful Blooms84

Summary: Sally's going to stop the Lambeth rapist, whatever the cost to John and herself.

Part 1, Part 2

The briefing meeting next day was in one screen of the cinema at Gloucester, which was bizarre, but effective.  )
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For all of you who want something that isn't Sherlock/John, the Sherlock rare Pair fest is open for prompts until Dec 15th. They include Mystrade as rare (strangely), but there are already prompts for Sherlstrade, femslash and het as well. So get over there and prompt or fill!

I am trying to resist filling stuff there, but if there is anything too tempting I may yet succumb.
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BBC Sherlock fanfic
Rating 12 (het)
Spoilers: The Blind Banker
Written for a prompt I now can't trace about this blog post in which John attempts to stop people confusing himself and Sherlock.
2100 words


Once Sherlock had gone out, John started his regular internet check of possible threats to his and Sherlock's lives. )


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