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BBC Sherlock

Rating 12 (major character death)

Spoilers for His Last Vow

It's obvious to DI Dimmock what's happened. )
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BBC Sherlock

Rating 18 (explicit slash, homophobia, general unhappiness)

Spoilers: set pre-Series 1, no spoilers for Series 2

Originally written for a Sherlock rare-pair prompt for dysfunctional Dimmock/Lestrade.

Betaed by the lovely Shouldboverthis.

There were two rules Lestrade had stuck to over the years regarding sex: never sleep with colleagues and always remember to use a condom. And here he was about to break them both with Mark Dimmock. The stupid thing was, he didn't even really fancy the man. )

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BBC Sherlock

Rating: PG

In a discussion on blooms84's LJ a while ago I mentioned that there was almost no slash for DI Dimmock. That was enough to trigger my plot bunnies...

Sid Paget was brilliant at faces: from one blurry photo he could recognise a terrorist in the midst of a crowded airport lounge. But he was hopeless at remembering names. It didn't help that most people in the Service had more than one. He'd finally worked out that Posh Brunette was called Anthea, for example, and she'd promptly changed it again.

Posh Brunette was Mr Holmes' PA, and though Sid longed for his assignments, he found her intimidating. He was reading her e-mail about the Chinese antiques he'd filmed when she swept in and announced he had to go to Scotland Yard immediately.

"They'll fill you in on the details there."

He looked at the contact's name on the e-mail.

"That's Cute Sergeant, isn't it?" he asked, just to check.

"He's been promoted to Cute Inspector now," she replied smugly.

Sid liked the man. Fancied him a bit, ever since he'd spotted him attending a BFI screening of Vertigo. So when he saw the poster on the wall of the inspector's new office, he couldn't help blurting out: "You like Ray Harryhausen?"

"He did such amazing monsters, didn't he? Much better than the CGI crap. It's Mr Paget, isn't it, from MI5?"

"Yeah. Congratulations on your promotion, DI Dimmock."

The inspector smiled a cute smile. "Please," he said, "call me Brad."


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