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BBC Sherlock

Rating: 12 (non-explicit femslash)

Summary: The opera's over, but that's not the last of Renée Adler

Many thanks to Kalypso for betaing

Part 1

Anthea wakes in the middle of the night, because there’s someone in her room, standing right next to the bed. )
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BBC Sherlock

Rating: 12 (non-explicit femslash)

Summary: Anthea's trip to the opera brings some strange effects

Many thanks to Kalypso for betaing

Several months ago, fengirl made some requests for the Five Acts meme. She asked for sleep and bedding themes and her pairings included Anthea/Ella or Anthea/ACD!Irene. Inspired by her Sleeping Beauty sequence, this is the result.

It feels strange to Anthea, going to the opera without Ella, but Ella’s in London and she’s in New York, so going together isn’t a realistic option. )

Part 2
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BBC Sherlock
Rating 12 (gen, deviousness)
Spoilers for 3.01 (The Empty Hearse)

Summary: It's Bond Air all over again. )

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BBC Sherlock
Rating 12 (non-explicit femslash)
No spoilers for Series 3

Notes: this was inspired by A Strange Adventure by fengirl88 and is a different take on the controversial opera described in that.

The advantage of working for Mycroft Holmes is that he often gets offered hospitality by his contacts, and when he doesn't want the latest treat, he passes it on to Anthea. And two free tickets to the opera means she can take Ella out somewhere; they've had to cut back recently, with their current financial situation.

The disadvantage is there's normally a reason why Mycroft doesn't want his gifts and Anthea's now realising what it is. ENO is less stuffy than Covent Garden and she'd thought Ella would enjoy Die Fledermaus. But she should have known that ENO and Strauss is a conceptual disaster waiting to happen.

Anthea's spotted Mycroft's pet policeman in the audience, so the director might yet get arrested for crimes against taste. And though she's cringing at every new revelation, Ella is surprisingly unruffled as she consults her programme at the interval.

"I see someone still loves Freud," Ella announces. "He's misunderstood him completely, of course, but that's probably the point."

"It is?"

"It's the director's vision that matters, everyone else just exists to serve his genius. A common pattern."

"We don't have to stay," Anthea says hastily, because she can sense where this is going.

"It's OK," Ella says more cheerfully, "but next time perhaps we should pick something ourselves, not just accept your boss's bribes."

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BBC Sherlock/ACD Sherlock crossover

Rating 12 (implicit femslash and het)

Spoilers: for A Scandal in Belgravia

Summary: Anthea and Ella do a bit of literary detective work.

A couple of months ago, fengirl88 had a five acts meme asking for writing and Anthea/Ella or Anthea/ACD!Irene. That prompt somehow turned into this.

Many thanks to the Small Hobbit for betaing

"I found something curious on Ms Adler's phone, Anthea," Mycroft announces, and she freezes, wondering if any of her friends might have been involved with Irene. )

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BBC Sherlock

Rating 15 (nudity, non-explicit femslash)

Summary: After the internet chat session from hell reveals all her secrets, what can Anthea hope for from Sarah?

Sequel to Working practices, Do you want to know a secret? and What's love got to do with it?
No Series 2 spoilers and not compatible with it.

Betaed by the very helpful Greywash.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

She stood on the pavement outside number 221, trying to regain Anthea and she couldn't. )

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BBC Sherlock

Rating 15 (nudity, non-explicit femslash)

Summary: "Anthea" had a relationship ten years ago with Sarah, when she was a student in London, but broke it off when she joined the civil service. Now she's helped bring Sherlock and John together, should she resume contact or not?

Sequel to Working practices, Do you want to know a secret? and What's love got to do with it?
No Series 2 spoilers and not compatible with it.

Betaed by the very helpful Greywash.

You couldn't expect to get what you wanted if you didn't know what it was that you wanted. Anthea had always known that. )
Part 2
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BBC Sherlock

Rating PG (preslash)

Spoilers: none for Series 2

Originally posted at the Sherlock rarepair meme

It was supposed to be Molly in danger, not her, Anthea thought, sitting and watching the sleeping woman. That was why she'd been taken to the safe house: they couldn't leave a kitten like her wandering round the jungle on her own.

"Moriarty posed as her boyfriend and then blew up her morgue for fun," Mycroft had said at the briefing. "Ms Hooper needs protection, but a male bodyguard might alarm her."

"And I won't?"

"The evidence suggests she has very poor gaydar, but be discreet, please."

Anthea had been, of course; three weeks in, Molly had no idea the effect she was having on her. Ridiculous for this to happen, she knew. Anthea was Mycroft Holmes' PA, kept half the British government's secrets. Several very clever women had tried to seduce her over the years. As well as a larger number of very stupid men who apparently didn't understand about lipstick lesbians.

Molly didn't try to seduce Anthea. She just adored her, with an innocent sisterly adoration that seeped quietly through Anthea's armour-plated defences. Made her nostalgic for romantic urges she thought she'd long since overcome.

Impossible to tell Molly the truth now. She'd see it as a trick, another clever plan to manipulate her, Anthea realised. And even a kitten, if you cornered it, could scratch till you bled.

Note: fans of Molly/Anthea should also check out the fics by Saathi1013 and lbmisscharlie

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BBC Sherlock

Rating: PG (preslash, femslash)

A sequel to Working Practices and Do you want to know a secret? for kalypso_v

Anthea knew it was slightly worrying to have a boss who asked about your love life. It was far more worrying, though, to have one who didn't need to.

"Sarah Sawyer's been on your watch list for the past six months, since her relationship with John Watson ended," Mycroft commented, smiling benevolently. "You've now received 138 reports on her. Including three material."

"I didn't watch the videos," Anthea replied, almost casually. "No security issues, no need to."

"It took you an average of 8.4 minutes to decide not to watch the clips. You spend 5.2 minutes longer looking at reports on Sarah than on otherwise comparable women. The eye-tracking software shows-"

"A pattern of repeatedly re-reading certain passages of the reports on her. I thought I'd bypassed that system."

"There's a new version," Mycroft replied. "Which also includes measurements of pupil dilation in the viewer. An inaccurate tool, of course, but combined with other indications it is...suggestive."

"Yes, I've been thinking about her. But there's no way forward."

"There's no-one serious in her life."

"I haven't been in contact for nearly ten years. She might not be interested."

"She could perhaps be persuaded."

"I don't want Sarah bribed or blackmailed."

"Of course not," Mycroft said. "But my door is always open if you need help concocting your backstory."


Update: The story now continues in Don't you want me?

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BBC Sherlock

Rating 12 (implicit slash, angst). Warning: notnice!Anthea

Summary: Anthea gets landed with having to explain a few things to John

Notes: sort of a sequel to Working Practices, but rather sadder. The Tilly Briggs photos were first noted by Warriorbot. Sid Paget appears in Sacrifices and Men on Film.

The whole thing would be easier, Anthea thought, if she didn't dislike Dr Watson.  )

*** Note: this has now been continued. The next part is What's love got to do with it?
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BBC Sherlock

Rating: 12 (preslash, implied femslash)

Summary: Anthea's job gives her 'lots of free time'. There are other perks as well. Inspired by Bloom84's The Instigator and sort of a prequel to it (though the timelines may not quite fit).

Anthea did wonder sometimes why most people persisted in assuming she was straight. Perhaps it was because she wore makeup and had good legs.  )

Sequel: Do you want to know a secret?


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